Shelf Life

What is the shelf life for Super Lube®?

Super Lube® has a five year recommended shelf life. It does not dry out, go rancid, or lose its effectiveness, as long as it is in its original container, has been stored under reasonable ambient conditions, and has not been contaminated with foreign material.

In most cases, the product can be used after the recommended shelf life. However, we recommend laboratory re-certification to ensure that the product will continue to provide the expected performance in the intended application.

Slight sedimentation in some oils may occur over time and generally does not impact performance adversely.

Grease may show deterioration by a significant change in the consistency as measured by worked or unworked penetration, a change in color or odor, a noticeable change in texture, or by excessive oil separation. Some "bleed" is normal.

We mark each item with a Code indicating date of manufacture. For more information, see "How do I read the Super Lube® date code?"

The Warranty period is for 24 months from date of sale, with proof of purchase.

Shelf Life